Grogu's Floating Cradle! (HACKLORIAN: Chapter 4) 

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Ducts were 3D Printed using the PeoPoly Phenom L SLA printer ► peopoly.net/products/phenom
With resin from ► siraya.tech/
Husky AI Lens ► www.dfrobot.com/
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0:00 Intro
2:32 Baby Yoda Cradle Design
4:11 Frame Build Begins
6:30 Components Install
7:10 Cradle Gets Wrapped
8:41 Baby Yoda Modification
9:14 Husky Lens Detects Stormtroopers!
10:00 Cradle Takes Flight!
11:06 Outro
Big thank you to Samuel Kim Music for the epic music!
PCB Design ► www.altium.com/yt/TheHacksmith
Video Review / Collaboration ► r.frame.io/pZq3N
Video Editing ► Adobe Premiere
CAD ► Solidworks
CAM ► Autodesk HSM bit.ly/HSMworks
Highspeed Cam - Chronos 1.4 ► bit.ly/chronosCam
Main shooter - Panasonic GH5s ► bhpho.to/2Fjd80N
Phone - Samsung S10 ► bhpho.to/2N8FOh8
Camcorder - Sony Handycam ► bhpho.to/2FDnq81
Action Cam - GoPro ► bhpho.to/2FxXDC4
Steadicam - Removu K1 ► bhpho.to/2N9lDQq
Main mic - Sennheiser ► bhpho.to/2DsR8ec
Bendy Tripod ► bhpho.to/2FyLNb0
Main Tripods - old second hand Manfrotto tripods no longer sold.
Studio Light - Luxli ► bhpho.to/2N9SPav
CNC Mill - Tormach 1100MX ► hubs.ly/H0B8DWG0
CNC Mill - Tormach PCNC 440 ► hubs.ly/H0B8DYk0
CNC Lathe - Tormach 15L ► hubs.ly/H0B8Gcp0
Autofeed Bandsaw - Tormach AF50 ► hubs.ly/H0B8Gj10
CNC Waterjet Cutter ► bit.ly/wazerJet
CNC Plasma Cutter ► bit.ly/EMTplasma
3d Printers ► bit.ly/H1Printer
Laser Cutter - Gweike LG900N 80W ► lmgtfy.com/?q=lg900n
3d Scanner ► amzn.to/2pwbvTu
Drills, drivers, grinders, saws, etc ► amzn.to/2p9SPJ3
Mig Welder ► bit.ly/MP250iWelder
Tig Welder ► bit.ly/Tig200Welder
Quiet Air Compressor ► bit.ly/38zVKzB
Desktop PC ► cscamera.info/market/n4rIqpZ8gpvMpaQ/video
Oscilloscope ► bit.ly/38sOzKw
Multimeters ► bit.ly/2WKwPEQ
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Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries Před měsícem
Ben did a fantastic job on the engineering on this project, something it seems a lot of people in the comments don't realize. Creating an odd egg shape fly, isn't simple, and the mechanism to open the hood was genius -- he laser cut a framework and tiny gears to use a single servo to allow for the actuation of the hood. The tuning required to get it to hover properly, also, not trivial. Weeks of work went into this project and it really hurts to see so many people trash it because it doesn't look identical to the show. Our channel has never been known for making screen-replica projects. We always focus on the function, which is why it's called Make it Real, which is why we're not just a prop-making channel. Not to mention, if you actually pay attention to Grogu's cradle in the show? It changes shape/design/color between episodes. Even the show creators didn't have a fixed design. So literally everyone being like paint it grey... it was grey. And it was white. And it looked different, depending on the episode you watch. There is no way to win. At the end of the day, it hovers. If we had more time, we could even make it hover automatically, and follow me. But that probably wouldn't have been enough for the haters either. You can either enjoy the content for what it is, or seriously, just unsubscribe. I'm tired of people expecting the sun and the moon from every single episode. We have spent so much time, money, and effort making these projects and videos. If you don't like them -- just leave. If you want to make a better one, be my guest, but don't be surprised if it turns into a year long quest of insanity to try and get right, where it still doesn't work properly. This one still took over a month to make, and personally, I'm proud of it. And that should really be enough for everyone. It's the Hacksmith channel, and this is a Hacksmith level project, no matter what you may think.
Taven Hussing
Taven Hussing Před 10 dny
Hidden blade assassins creef
Janne Peltonen
Janne Peltonen Před 18 dny
I thought it was awesome, FWIW :) I'd be really interested to see what kind of parameters were required for the flight controller to cope with that weird shape :D
Trey Shuler
Trey Shuler Před 24 dny
He murdered baby Yoda!
Manuel Cardoso
Manuel Cardoso Před 25 dny
Can you paint it of grey as in the series? As for the rest it's amazing! Good job.
easypake Před 26 dny
Very cool project but I wish they would've given him an extra week to make the canopy look better🤷‍♂️
noukoum Před dnem
Am I the only one that thinks that the inside looks not really comfortable ? But beside that it's a great build, continue you good work !
BioBeat Před dnem
Ben: Let’s.... make it real. Me, a family guy fan: AH, HE SAID IT, HE SAID IT
Random Kid
Random Kid Před 2 dny
KiwiCo is a very good company, if you are older a middle schooler get the eureka crate it’s more advanced than the tinker crate.
Gianni Rodriguez
Gianni Rodriguez Před 3 dny
8:55 you are worse than the imperials
Dragonem D KooL
Dragonem D KooL Před 3 dny
Next would be Make it real Grogu😂
PramSSArc Před 4 dny
Kinda sad really. He didnt do an april fools episode. Look at the date
Gihan Jayaweera
Gihan Jayaweera Před 5 dny
Baby Yoda in his cradle is so cute😁
Hero talk
Hero talk Před 6 dny
People really don’t appreciate Ben
Kamdyn Kilpatrick
Kamdyn Kilpatrick Před 6 dny
not to be downer are here but it kind of looks like a cheap toy that you could get at Walmart for five bucks 😕
Fanuel Ayele
Fanuel Ayele Před 7 dny
POV: you are alive
sam kirk
sam kirk Před 7 dny
Next update of the prim, make it bigger so you don't have to mutilate the baby.
Crazy Cohen
Crazy Cohen Před 7 dny
How dare you kill baby Yoda you said you were going to protect him you lied
W T Před 8 dny
Pun brick films
Pun brick films Před 8 dny
yo Hacksmith you should make Yondu's arrow
Freddan B01
Freddan B01 Před 8 dny
just saying, a flying cradle of carbon fiber would be sooooo cool
FishyFace 05
FishyFace 05 Před 8 dny
You mean baby yoda
Awen Před 9 dny
Hello you can make the arm of the winter soldier
Blaine's costplay and toys
You should make the assassins creed altair hidden blade
Wesley Mays
Wesley Mays Před 9 dny
If only assembly is as easy as the CAD thinks it is...
ツSubZero Před 9 dny
Mom: where's the baby? Me:🎮hmmm I don't know Mom look at the sky: is that the baby Me: 🎮yes
Nate Goat Child
Nate Goat Child Před 9 dny
*Performs an everythingoscopy on Baby Yoda* Alright, Michael Reeves.
Why Magic
Why Magic Před 9 dny
I love you all and enjoy watching your projects as you continue to make. Also, Glory to the Galactic Empire!
Sackquaza 0609
Sackquaza 0609 Před 10 dny
One of my few questions is: why not make it 2 feet in length, 1.5 feet in width, and 1.75 feet in height for a little more space? I only ask out of curiosity of why it is so small. I gave those measurements based on estaments from watching the show and finding the most consistent size in relation to Grogu.
dragon king
dragon king Před 11 dny
It's not called baby yoda bich
Patrick WU
Patrick WU Před 11 dny
This build is amazing
Patrick WU
Patrick WU Před 11 dny
Alex Willson
Alex Willson Před 11 dny
8:52 moments before disaster
Luke DeTerra
Luke DeTerra Před 12 dny
such awesome work ... buttt like u couldn’t of painted it grey
Joaquin Villanueva
Joaquin Villanueva Před 12 dny
that's not a cradle, that's a coffin
badass slavic
badass slavic Před 12 dny
If a mini drone of grogus cradle was mass produced I sware to god it would be the most successful product
KeineAhnung Před 12 dny
Please Activate Windows! 2:47
Levi Nasir
Levi Nasir Před 12 dny
You can only d the des
JuiceBox Entertainment
Being on a team that designs, builds, and tests robots for competitive uses I have a great deal of respect for you and your team, ignore the haters
ICECraft 551
ICECraft 551 Před 13 dny
Him:explaining the reference model My eyes:ACTIVATE WINDOWS
Noah Mallory
Noah Mallory Před 13 dny
Am I the only one who likes the video before I watch it because I know it will be a good video?
Christopher Barrett
Christopher Barrett Před 13 dny
can't wait till they make a functional, to scale replica of Galactic Nova
Noobmaster6 9
Noobmaster6 9 Před 13 dny
I wish If I work there
Toto Playz
Toto Playz Před 13 dny
in today's video we're going to be mutating oops I mean protecting baby Yoda!
Abhimanyu kumar
Abhimanyu kumar Před 13 dny
Selfish and maddest man in the world
Hacksmith Industries
Anangse Před 13 dny
Awesome , build remote control with gyro hand please 👍🏼
im ᴅʏɪɴɢ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ
baby yoda go brrr
Kyle Linwood
Kyle Linwood Před 13 dny
Can you make the Blue Beetle's (Ted Kord) strobe /compressed air sidearm
Omega Před 14 dny
close the link below
W Před 14 dny
Olivia Hughes
Olivia Hughes Před 14 dny
It is grogu 😡😡😡
Thomas Breen
Thomas Breen Před 14 dny
''wherever I go he goes''...Mnadalorian Din Jadordin
Coopdawg720 Před 14 dny
Wow they have gotten lazy lately
DaNigthKing_08 Před 14 dny
Noo baby yody no
Superior customer 2.0
Palpatine is adorable
Overwatch Buddies
Overwatch Buddies Před 15 dny
The pour grogu
Tekceb-12 Před 15 dny
I thought Palpatine was cute.
The Non-binary Punk Rocker
Please call him by his name GROGU
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Před 16 dny
I would love to have all this Mandalorian stuff just to show off at a comic con.
Nathaniel Burns
Nathaniel Burns Před 15 dny
David Reilly
David Reilly Před 16 dny
You chopped up Baby Yoda’s head. You monsters!
Thinkcool Před 16 dny
This is actually amazing
Duane T Oliphant
Duane T Oliphant Před 17 dny
You cut Grogu and the cradle doesn't look like the cradle
JellyJab Před 17 dny
Why not use electro magnets like the hoverboard
JellyJab Před 17 dny
Why not use electro magnets like the hoverboard
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Před 17 dny
please can you go in the street with this and record people reactions ? 😂😂 (sorry for my bad english, i'm french)
Darth Whole
Darth Whole Před 17 dny
You should make a chip that Attached to the helmet that make the shuttle follow you every where
J boy
J boy Před 18 dny
no baby yodas head!
Nicholas Pagano
Nicholas Pagano Před 18 dny
Jubba the hutt made Star Wars cute
Nicholas Pagano
Nicholas Pagano Před 18 dny
Could you try make a winter soldier metal arm
User 1
User 1 Před 18 dny
Nice work but there could be some more love to the detail in this one
atharv bhandari
atharv bhandari Před 18 dny
I think the only thing to make Ben perfect on the channel is to teach him the facial expression.
PowerfullVader Před 18 dny
It’s awesome how you guys played vode an
Collin Stafford
Collin Stafford Před 18 dny
dude, this isnt even that good. you made it too small and because of your mistakes you destroy the main part of the whole thing? grogu? bruh. you ruined this for me and the past 2 episodes have sucked and in severely disappointed.
mAtueszqw Před 14 dny
I want to see you build it 💀
Hacksmith Industries
Then unsubscribe if you're so disappointed?
Troy Smith
Troy Smith Před 18 dny
best drone ever XD
Hk 47
Hk 47 Před 19 dny
I love how they used Vode An
WhoisSliFer Před 19 dny
10:36 that thing on the yellow looks like Watson’s ult
Hunter Red hood
Hunter Red hood Před 19 dny
Anyone else get triggered when he cut baby yoda
MC_KNIGHT_ 202 Před 19 dny
Hacksmith brethren a CScamerar wants your attention he goes by the name Alex lab and he is currently building an iron man exo skeleton.
Hacksmith Industries
Check out my CScamera story -- he's a friend of mine!
Curiosidades de Abi
Curiosidades de Abi Před 19 dny
You mean baby Yoda
Jouven Alexander
Jouven Alexander Před 19 dny
Mandarin armor
dusty2206 Před 19 dny
Seems like u guys kinda slept on this build. Like. Lets make a accurate helmet. But but than cut the back of Grogus head off to stuff him into already small cradle made of a drone. Make it REAL!
OldKiller Před 20 dny
When the clone commando theme song starts playing. 😳
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Před 20 dny
I would love to have all this Mandalorian stuff just to show off at a comic con.
KDLabs Před 21 dnem
Ok this is just an idea But what if after the hackalorian you try and make a full armour of clone armour like a hack trooper or something phase 2 it could be an arc trooper or an arf trooper would be a sick idea hope you consider it
Turbo Tastic
Turbo Tastic Před 21 dnem
downvote for wearing a mask, not realizing that "covid" is hoax
Lord Garmadon
Lord Garmadon Před 21 dnem
You are the Monster😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Před 21 dnem
I would love to have all this Mandalorian stuff just to show off at a comic con.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Před 21 dnem
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour you’re gonna see some serious stuff!
Nick Před 21 dnem
It would be a nice feature, if you guys would implement a camera, which scans the hight to the ground. Then you could connect it with the flight-controll and always have the same distance to the ground, which woul make the floating effect even better.
SCP Void
SCP Void Před 21 dnem
This vid got 1.4K dislikes cuz you cut open baby Yoda
John Smith
John Smith Před 21 dnem
After you make all the mandilorian stuff can you make the Rayburn from call of duty
AND I DON'T CARE Před 21 dnem
Why do I feel like he is Davidlap??!
Khurt Lutchavez
Khurt Lutchavez Před 21 dnem
Hacksmiths can make the 3D gun from Attack on titan Season 3
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Před 21 dnem
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour you’re gonna see some serious stuff!
Psychedelic GB Yeti
Psychedelic GB Yeti Před 22 dny
11:38 unexpected brain surgery this episode
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Před 21 dnem
Make the whole Mandalorian suit
jon ruxton
jon ruxton Před 22 dny
Baby yoda is the best thing that star wars has created. I love him sooo much. Baby yoda is super adorable
Antonio P.G.
Antonio P.G. Před 22 dny
10:34 Are those the power loader pieces?! Guys, what have you done...
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson Před 22 dny
How do I get a real grogu?
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Před 22 dny
I would love to have all this Mandalorian stuff just to show off at a comic con.
BIBS 3IBS Před 23 dny
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Před 22 dny
Little kid be like hmm mobile game good
Dan Keller
Dan Keller Před 23 dny
I finally got around to watching this. I actually had expected this to be an April Fool's day prank... but I'm impressed to see what Ben pulled off. I'm sorry there are haters on this. 😣 This is a cool result. Nice work!
StevenRamos248 Před 23 dny
I feel like he intentally did because if you look closely, He didn't baby yoda to the floor.
Женя Снигирь
Gundam Unicorn
Gundam Unicorn Před 23 dny
he's been decapatationated
Ryan Před 23 dny
Hes called papa palps for a reason
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